In July 2002 I traveled to Bulgaria for the first time in my life. It far exceeded my expectations as a place for a summer holiday resort and the family I stayed with in Sopot were so friendly. I visited Nesebur on the Black Sea, Sofia, Plovdiv, Bogdan, Karlovo, Hissar and many other places. It was so good that I have visited several times since! (At least twice a year)  If you are adventurous, then this is the place for you. Of course it was easier for me because I was with my  adopted Bulgarian family!

I was invited to Bulgaria by a family whom I had met via my amateur radio contacts. I was not prepared for the beauty and hospitality which greeted me on arrival in BG. As soon as I stepped off the plane I was hit by the heat and beautiful sunshine, I took a big breath of fresh air and knew I had come to the right place. The girls are soooooooooo beautiful with brown eyes and long black hair and a figure that most Western European girls would die for :o), the landscape, the weather, and the nature is very beautiful, the relaxed way of life is much better than UK and the cost of living compared to UK is so very cheap, it's the perfect holiday resort.

I would recommend Bulgaria to anyone who wants to get away from the commercial side of holidays, but as anywhere, many prices are hiked for foreigners. I suggest avoiding the big and famous places like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, which has become too commercialised,  and be daring enough to explore the smaller villages and towns. When visiting Bulgaria, I would recommend eating at the "Happy Bar and grill" these are posted all over Bulgaria, maybe you should try the salads  with a selection of fried potatoes, this food was Excellent. 

Here you see the location of Sopot and the capital Sofia. Note also the holiday resorts of Bourgas and Varna

Bourgas (Burgas) is the local airport for Sunny Beach and Varna is the local airport for Golden Sands.

There are many places in Sopot which I likeI have many happy memories of the cafe "Black and White" or "Cherno i Bialo" (thanks for the spelling Vinnie) situated just behind the statue of Ivan Vazov. Another good place to be is the restaurant "House" or "Kashtata" situated on the mountainside above Sopot. Without a doubt the "Kashtata" is my favourite restaurant with the food and service second to none (Thanks Ljubo). Don't forget to take a ride on the  chair lift (Shambhala) up the Stara Planina (Old Mountain) where you can take a second lift even higher up to a little restaurant and bar, and a nice mountain hotel with bungalows near by, close to where the second lift ends. This lift is used frequently by the paragliders.

Also in Sopot is the club "Millenium". Here is a nice restaurant and Disco. The food is very good. I must also mention the next town KARLOVO,  which has The "Opium" disco (where I saw the singer Gergana) Kalina bar (now reopened under the name Dahat), Retro Bar (super) Don Cafe. Also there are  many other fine places to go in Karlovo. Don't forget to visit the waterfall situated just North of this wonderful town.

On one trip to BG I visited the town Sliven. Here I stayed with the Golemanov family for a few days before moving on to my usual place. Many thanks to Jordan, Pepa and Anton for the hospitality and friendship shown to me while I was there. Also hello to Anton's teacher and classmates for making me welcome.

Without a doubt Bulgaria has a spirit and magic of it's own, anyone who has been there will know what I'm talking about. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to visit this wonderful country and sample its way of life. Choodesno!

Do you want to see some Photos of Bulgaria

A big THANK YOU to my taxi driver friend Marin who took me to hospital and took care of me when I had appendicitis, I made it home and had my appendix out immediately. You saved my life Marin. Thanks also to the doctors and nurses at Sopot and Karlovo hospitals.

 Hi to all my friends in Bulgaria.

Ivan Vazov