During one of my aid missions to Bosnia we had to deliver parcels to  a doctors family in Mostar. This is a  typical scene of Bosnia during the conflict. Here I am looking at some of the damage inflicted during those difficult times. It taught me to be humble and thankful for all the blessings I had in my life. (1995)

One of the most memorable things in my life is my love for Sarajevo and it's people. It all started back in February 1993 when I was asked to take a 38 ton articulated vehicle there with life saving supplies. It has been ongoing since and as at Dec 1999 I have been to Croatia and Bosnia 15 times, 12 of them as a Voluntary Aid Worker. I spent the New Millenium letting in the New year in the centre of Sarajevo.

My Friends  the Lacevic family  

Hello to my new friends from Sarajevo - Lamija, Sabina,Harita and Srdjan . Nova Godina 2000!


A typical scene during the conflict




The old flag

My Nickname is "Brekaman". I earned this from a young Bosnian girl translator Lejla Lacevic, because I spent some of my time sheltering from the shells and snipers in the Breka district of Sarajevo.