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ARRL (American Radio Relay League)  RZ9MYL Pulsar Radio Club
Amsat U.K. (Amateur Satellites) RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain)
GB0NLW North Leverton Windmill TV Antennas Best Site Ever (ATV) Sheffield.


One of my QSL cards


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Here I am in the presence of angels. This photo was taken New  Year 00/01 in the shack of RZ9MYL / RZ9MYA also known as "Pulsar". I can proudly boast I was the first Englishman to visit the club station, situated in Omsk, Western Siberia (Asiatic Russia)

Left to Right:

Kate, Lika, Laima, Yuri(UA9MAR) & I, Luisa, Lolita, Klara, Gabriella, Tatiana, Ksenia.