Sputnik  - The first artificial satellite

4 October 1957, The race into space. I was only 18 months old when the first artificial satellite was launched into space on a R7 Semorka rocket, a former ICBM, from near Baikonur, Russia into the vast unknown. Known as Sputnik 1, this was to change the future of space. 

My interest in this satellite began after hearing a model Sputnik with voices of children, when I was 40 yrs old, on my amateur radio equipment,- a simple handheld walkie talkie on the 2 meter amateur radio band.  I'm now 52 years old  (April 2008) and just as fascinated by the wonder and awe of space and communications. I hold the call sign G4YRZ  (formerly G6XXS) issued to me when I was just discovering radio waves.


Click Here  For a look at the Sputnik collection and souvenirs of Sputnik. If you have any photos that will help with this collection please forward them to g4yrz at wxsat dot org with as much information as possible. It will help others, let's see if we can make this the first ultimate souvenir page.


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