The Sputnik Collection

This was my first Sputnik Souvenir and I think the most common one. It depicts the satellite with the word "mir" which translates to "peace". The word "Sputnik" means "fellow traveller" The original has a price of one rouble on the base, it was copied for an exhibition in Montreal at a later date, but with no price on the base as far as I know.


This Sputnik souvenir is, believe or not , a beautiful music box. It plays the tune"Shiroka Strana moj Rodnaj" which translates to "Wide my Country" followed by several Sputnik beeps. Both of these souvenirs have a date 4X-1957, the date of the launch, it depicts the satellite over the globe.

Although not Sputnik, this one depicts the Vostok rocket, dated 12 April 1961, It took the 1st  Russian Astronaut, Yuri Gagarin into space. Several versions, one being a red plastic rocket, the other with a silver rocket, the former being original with a price of 2 roubles stamped on the base!


This postcard was issued in 1957 by the company "Izogiz" for the All Union Industrial Expo at Moscow, It represents  Sputnik 1.
  Vostok rocket dated 12 IV 1961. This is in the same series as Sputnik (Figure 1), designed to make a matching pair. Also with the word Mir (peace) emblazoned across the supporting stem. Has the word "Vostok" on the side of the rocket.

Cigarette case with rocket and sputnik on front with floral pattern on back, flips open vertically for two rows of cigarettes held in by elastic support across the centre of each half. Also matching matchbox holder.
Sputnik moves round on second hand, more info please.
Vostok rocket, Made in Russia by "Slava" clock company.
Made in Germany 1957, maker unknown info please, clockwork toy where sputnik and saucer orbits globe when wound up with key.

 Released 2003 in Japan: the Royal Science Museum series of mini dioramas of space exploration events and vehicles. Part of 9 piece series. Along with the diorama which represents the application of a different space equation comes an illustrated booklet (written in Japanese but great illustrations) Also the back of each blister pack shows the equation related to the space vehicle or event such as Einstein's Law of the Conservation of Mass Energy. Each  stands approximately 3-4 inches high.
Vostok rocket penV
Sputnik over globe with red flag